The Vision Accountability. Ethics. Transparency

Good Government Illinois is committed to:
- protecting democracy
- eliminating voter suppression
- promoting pro-equity, anti-racist government practices
- expanding government efficiencies
- rooting out corruption
- strengthening ethics reforms
- electing strong progressives in state and local government

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When I decided to retire from the Clerk’s office, I started Good Government Illinois because I believe in speaking out against corruption and pushing reforms to make government more efficient, transparent, and better meet the needs of the people it serves. I also wanted to support progressive candidates and office-holders who align with these values, which I see as central to a good government. David Orr

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Our Mission StatementGood Government works.

Government can be a force for good, when our leaders at all levels of government practice the progressive values of accountability, ethics, and transparency. Good Government Illinois advocates for these values by pulling back the curtain and making government more accessible while holding elected officials accountable.

The DetailsWhat we're working on:

  • Town Halls

    Hosting regular town hall meetings for constituents to connect with elected officials and hear how they are advancing progressive policies and how to actively support those efforts.

  • Demanding Accountability From Elected Officials

    Driving out corruption, holding elected officials accountable by shining light on government inefficiencies and behind-the-scenes machinations of our representatives.

  • Preparing for Upcoming Elections

    Protecting the vote, investigating voter suppression, and best practices for voters to be heard.

  • Advocacy

    Supporting and electing strong progressive representatives.