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June 13 Aldermanic Forum at Truman College

The Vision Transparency, Ethics, Efficiency.

Good Government Illinois is committed to bringing transparency, ethics and efficiencies to our local and state governments.

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When I first ran for Clerk in 1990, it was not because it was a glamorous office, but because it was an opportunity to demonstrate what good government could look like at a time when Chicago and Cook County were synonymous with machine politics and patronage. It was a “reformer’s dream,” as I referred to it then.David Orr

Our Mission StatementGood Government works.

We are developing a larger group of progressive advisors who will help us move forward. The Good Government Illinois PAC will:

• Advocate for government efficiency, transparency, and quality public service.

• Recruit, train and endorse quality candidates who are dedicated to good government.
• Facilitate collaborations that connect candidates and elected officials to government innovations from around the country.


The DetailsWhat we’re working on:

  • New City Council

    Developing a plan of action for the new city council in May and for vehicles for citizen led support on those issues.

  • Election Reform

    Advocating our suggestions for ballot reform (Daily Herald Editorial)

  • Campaign Finance Reform

    Pushing for small-donor matching at the city and county level.

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